Cidex® OPA + Bleach Labels for the Tonowash™

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Now available! Labels for how to safely use the Tonowash™ tonometer tip washing machine with Cidex® OPA1, hydrogen peroxide or a 
 bleach cleaning solution. (Note: Tonowash™ sold separately here).

1. Cidex® Opa can be used in the TonoWash, however, it does require a 12 minute soaking time. All TonoWash purchased after October 15, 2021 are programmed with this optional setting. If you purchased a TonoWash before 10/15/2021, we would be happy to reprogram it for a nominal fee. This will be need to be performed at the factory, and will be expedited. You can order this by selecting the "12 minute programming update" on the Tonowash Buy Now page.